Cracking The Hub-Man Secret – All you need to know to become a Superhero


Modern, technical innovations require new approaches and methods to efficiently unite them and link them to one’s own business model. Often, these changes tend to overwhelm, frustrate, or even get out of control. After all, with ever-faster cycles of technological disruption in the context of digitization, conventional approaches are often no longer enough. It’s time to think outside the box.

Certain situations call for a new hero who connects the dots for entire systems. Do you want to be that hero? If so, we’ll tell you a little story that can help you grow beyond yourself.

Of Mice and Men

The year is 2022. Meet Hubert, an IT manager in charge of logistics and supply chain management. He conscientiously does his work, is dutiful, and is rather inconspicuous. Although appreciated by his employees, Hubert himself is not entirely happy with how things are going. Just today, things turned out worse than expected.

The distribution network is down, a critical shortage of materials has been reported from the warehouse and production is at a standstill. Simultaneously, Hubert is tasked to tackle a variety of challenges that will ensure his company’s long-terms success. These include increasing overall equipment effectiveness and on-time delivery, decreasing safety incidents and bottlenecks, optimizing labor efficiency and output, and reducing costs and energy consumption.

The stress is literally palpable, particularly for Hubert as an IT manager who must constantly merge and input multiple vendors of diverse technology. The situation is overwhelming.

Graphic of Hubert overwhelmed

Interoperability is no walk in the park!

Hubert has heard rumors that real-time location data is being hailed as the single most effective tool to tackle many of the issues that he is facing. But which technologies should be used, from which vendor, for which use case and how can all this be managed in a holistic manner?

A wide variety of location technologies such as UWB, BLE, GPS, Wi-Fi, RFID, and 5G, serve specific applications, use case focuses and levels of spatial precision, making life as an IT manager increasingly difficult. And you’re probably wondering why?

Hardware and software interfaces tend to be proprietary and are not designed to act as a central collection, translation, and distribution point for information and data. There is an unmanageable number of different technologies and providers that have to be reconciled. This presents Hubert with a major challenge, as this missing interoperability doesn’t allow him to create an efficient and effective system.

Lost in thought, Hubert asks himself the same questions over and over again but comes to no conclusion:

  • How can the cross-integration of different technologies be enabled?
  • How can I minimize dependency on external providers?
  • How can processes be modeled in a more sustainable and economical way?
  • How can I minimize downtime and inefficiencies?
  • How can I map and manage my supply chain holistically?
  • How can I expand service- and customer-oriented business models through better infrastructure?
  • How can we act faster and defend and expand our position in the market?
Graphic of Hubert overseeing a production line

A new hero is born!

Desperate, Hubert strolls through the aisles of the company’s logistics center. The situation seems hopeless and threatens to overwhelm him. But suddenly he perceives a vibration… an unknown surge of power…

Torn from his thoughts, Hubert is seized by curiosity. He follows the trail of the unknown energy, which seems to grow stronger with every step. Arriving in front of a shelf, Hubert stops and discovers a blue pulsating suitcase. With a pounding heart, Hubert reaches out and opens the latches. The pulsing energy comes from a small module embedded in velvet. A label, sometimes glowing blue, then fading, reveals only one name. “DeepHub.”

Graphic of Hubert finding the DeepHub

Suddenly, the pulsing stops. Darkness and silence set in. But before Hubert can process the situation, a palpable wave of blue energy and light radiates out and runs through him. Unaware of what’s happening to him, flashes of inspiration, motivation, and inventiveness spark. Solutions and ideas that he never thought possible take shape in his mind. When Hubert looks down, he’s startled as his gray clothes are now bright blue and white. A large symbol of dots arranged in a diamond covers his chest. With a surge of inner strength, the energy from the module slowly fades until it finally disappears completely.

The overwhelmed and tired Hubert has transformed into Hub-Man – empowered with a fresh spirit. The DeepHub power has changed him. Full of drive and motivation, Hub-Man grins. Representing innovation, flexibility, freedom and efficiency, he storms out of the hall as a new, charismatic superhero – ready to make the world a better place by connecting the dots for unlimited possibilities.

There’s a lot to do.

Graphic of Hubert becoming Hubman

How to become a hero?

You must be wondering how you can become your very own Hub-Man. The solution is easier than you think, because the DeepHub is all you need. It’s the essence of Hub-Man’s powers and turns him into the superhero every business needs. And you can be that hero too!

DeepHub’s source of power is a state-of-the-art locating middleware that requires only a small digital footprint, while providing complete visibility beyond technological boundaries. It enables streamlining of processes, energy utilization, space management and safety management.

In essence, the DeepHub allows to manage, process, translate location data from any source, technology or vendor. This propels industry oriented IoT use cases to entirely new heights: material flow, fleet management, asset tracking, process optimization, supply chain management and more. With the power of DeepHub, only you set the boundaries.

Be your own hero…

No matter your role, there are possibilities to making an impact in shaping the future of your company.

In our modern era of of digitalization, you should not reject modern and innovative technologies out of fear. New and revolutionary things are created by those who welcome and implement them with open arms. This is certainly no easy task, but who said that success is an easy path? What is important is the path you take and the mission you set for yourself. Be consistent, stick to your values, and take advantage of the endless possibilities that real-time location data can give you.

It is our mission to provide ubiquitous access to location data and remove the boundaries of data silos. By leveraging location technologies to make the world a better place, and optimizing and exploring through the targeted use of innovation and handling processes, we are ultimately trying to make life easier for you.

This is where DeepHub can guide you. All you must do is get in touch with us. The DeepHub powers are waiting for you to embrace them!

Graphic of Hubman using DeepHub powers